Succession Plans for Law Firms and Rewards for Retiring Lawyers

Arthur Greene's Practical Guide

"With a good succession plan, transitioning should feel right and go easily.”

Unlike lawyers in large firms, solo practitioners and lawyers in smaller firms are left on their own to create effective and rewarding succession plans. This book is designed for those lawyers nearing retirement age with no exit plan in place. Written in a concise and practical style, this guide offers a complete range of the most common succession considerations.

Topics covered include the often misunderstood process of determining the value of their practices and the important methods to build value well in advance of retirement years. It is the author’s aim to provide the essential steps in establishing succession plans to suit the individual needs of senior lawyers and their families, and to provide a future for the firms they have worked hard to establish.

Chapters Include:

  • Why Plan for Succession
  • Overview of Succession Issues
  • Succession Opportunities
  • Structuring the Firm
  • Valuing the Firm
  • Taking Action
  • Recruiting for a Successor
  • Exit Plans and Retirements
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Rule 1.17 Sales
  • Building Law Firm Value
  • Making Succession Work
  • Final Thoughts

This practical guide to succession planning for lawyers and law firms ships immediately.

Succession Plans for Law Firms and Rewards for Retiring Lawyers

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"Arthur's book is an excellent tool to begin planning. This Guide is suitable for attorneys at every stage of their careers, expecially for those in small firms or in solo practice." (Book Review, The Wyoming Lawyer, Dec. 2013)