Does Your Firm Have a Rising Star?

Kathy Fortin

November 19, 2020


Does Your Firm Have a Rising Star? 


The term “A Rising Star” is used to describe a lawyer who stands out as demonstrating exceptional talent and shows solid commitment to the profession. In our consulting work, we see small law firms that have been fortunate enough to hire young lawyers who are quickly seen as above the ordinary with great potential. That potential, in many cases, can be evidence that the young lawyer may one day become a partner in the firm. In other instances, firms are looking for someone with this potential.

How do you recognize a rising star? A senior lawyer once told me, “You know one when you see one.”  While the personalities, backgrounds, and characteristics of rising stars will naturally be different, there all share the following qualities:

  • They demonstrate maturity and potential to become a future partner and firm owner.
  • It is clear from the start that they strive for excellence, both in their competence and skill in the practice of law, and also in building their reputation.
  • They go the extra step and do what it takes to get the work done and satisfy the clients.
  • They recognize the need to develop their own practices and originate clients for their own success and that of the firm.
  • They are motivated and enthusiastic about making their career successful and not treating it as a nine-to-five job.
  • They are highly regarded by their peers and everyone in the firm.
  • While they do not seek to impress, their collective attributes and abilities are impressive.

Do you recognize this profile in any of the young lawyers in your firm? Or, if your firm does not have already have a rising star, it could be time to find one to join you and help lead your firm toward a more successful future.

The questions remain: How do you recruit a rising star and what is your responsibility in employing such an exceptional lawyer?  My next series of blogs will be about recruiting, mentoring, grooming, and developing your firm’s next rising star.