Calling Young Lawyers

Kathy Fortin

May 5, 2017

Calling Young Lawyers

There are numerous opportunities for young lawyers to be employed. While large law firms in urban areas may be attractive for some, others prefer to be part of a governmental agency or corporate in-house legal department.  Many “hang their own shingle” desiring to go solo. Another option, perhaps the least explored, is opportunities within small law firms.


There are more lawyers in small to mid-sized law firms in many cities and towns than one might expect. An important aspect to bear in mind is that many of these small firms are very successful. The founders (if a first-generation firm) or partners (if a second generation or older) have carved out a niche in their local climate. Many of these small firms are reaping substantial fees for their services and profits for their efforts.  More and more lawyers in these firms are realizing the need to take in young lawyers to provide firm continuity. This creates tremendous opportunity for young lawyers looking to become a law firm owner.


For those young lawyers who may be considering spending their lawyering careers in a small firm setting, here are some of the advantages that may make this unique choice appealing:

  • A small firm can provide a relaxed, casual culture,
  • A flexibility that fosters a work-life balance,
  • Comradery with a small group of like-minded lawyers and other professionals,
  • Chance to have a community presence and  an impact on the community,
  • Opportunity for law firm partnership and succession, and
  • The possibility to reap greater financial rewards for your efforts, both short-term and long-term.

The best thing for young lawyers to keep in mind is not only what the immediate employment will bring but, long term, what it can offer, particularly if you are interested in an ownership opportunity.