Arthur Greene Receives Recognition from American Bar Association

Kathy Fortin
Sept 27, 2016

If you read the previous Post about how surrounding oneself with the right people can make a great difference in your success, this Post is reflects that theme.

Last month, my colleague Arthur Greene traveled to San Francisco to receive the Samuel S. Smith Award for excellence in law practice management awarded by the American Bar Association. Arthur’s interest in law practice management goes back many years to the McLane Law Firm in Manchester, NH, where Arthur was a Managing Partner. As a member of the ABA Law Practice Division and former Chair of that group, he honed his skills on ways to improve financial viability of law firms. As the founder of Arthur G. Greene Consulting, LLP, he is well known for his work to improve operations, efficiencies and profitability of small and mid-sized law firms. Arthur has counseled hundreds of law firms, spoken at numerous events throughout the country, written countless articles and many books on topics of firm governance, paralegals, increasing revenues, lawyer compensation systems and succession planning for lawyers.  I am pleased to offer my congratulations to Arthur for this well-deserved recognition.