An Entrepeneur Never Stops Learning

Kathy Fortin

October 30, 2020


An Entrepreneur Never Stops Learning


Entrepreneurs share many talents. Chief among them are curiosity and a desire to expand their knowledge. Entrepreneurs are always learning and acquiring new skills. Sometimes the learning comes from trial and error, by learning on the job, and simply by doing.

Think of the skills you had to learn as a law firm founder or owner in order to run your business. Hiring, managing personnel, bookkeeping, technology, are among many other aspects. You likely discovered some of the lessons came easily, because you are either good with numbers, with people, or technology. However, no one is good at everything. You probably learned this too. I am reminded of the expression “You don’t know what you don’t know,” and the dangerous extension of this saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know, but think you do.”

While you might believe that taking courses, hiring consultants, or seeking experts is only for big firm lawyers, small firms have as much to gain. Law firm owners must seek help in those areas where they lack strength. There are many course and workshop options available online through local organizations. With the popularity of Zoom more are available than ever. Leadership training courses and workshops in personnel, technology, marketing, employment issues, and managing with financial reports are among the areas you could find.  You could benefit from the expert advice offered through the many programs and workshops that the American Bar Association, academic institutions, and other organizations have created.

Do you neglect paying attention to marketing and exploring the best social media outlets for your firm because you are not confident of how to do it? Recently a small firm I know hired a marketing consultant to evaluate the firm’s needs. The consultant provided a proposal about the firm’s options. For a reasonable fee, the consultant offered the clarity, education, and advice that helped the firm make marketing decisions. Another firm’s new managing partner enrolled in a leadership course.

Successful entrepreneurs do not accept stagnation. They do not rest on their laurels. Instead, they keep active and always pursue how to better run their businesses. I encourage law firm owners to consider what knowledge and learning might help them to do the same.