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Succession Planning as a Conundrum

Succession Planning for lawyers should not be viewed as daunting. Planning for the future is a process that can provide continuing control, earned rewards and other advantages.

Communicating Firm Goals

Advice we provide to our clients often involves the practice of setting goals. Creating revenues goals, for instance, involves both firm goals and individual goals.


Remember the childhood game where one child is picked to be the leader and the others follow behind mimicking the leader’s actions? If only it worked that way in a law firm.

Focus on One Area of Improvement

Law firm owners have more to do than time will allow. Between client development, doing the legal work and running the firm there is not enough time to do everything. Often the area that is last on the priority list has to do with managing the firm better.

Hiring For Succession

Hiring can be a gamble, no matter the field or the position. For small law firm founders, hiring a lawyer is no different. Giving consideration for a successor is more challenging.

Retreats Are For Every Firm- Large or Small

People sometimes seem surprised when I tell them Arthur and I hold an Annual Retreat. They ask, “So, uhm, what do you do?” The short answer is we work on those issues any growing business confronts that never get addressed in the regular course of a business day.

One Way to Start Thinking About Succession Planning

The topic of succession planning for lawyers seems to be everywhere. Arthur and I have encountered various Bar Associations raising awareness on the subject of their graying members.

Arthur Greene Receives Recognition from American Bar Association

Last month, my colleague Arthur Greene traveled to San Francisco to receive the Samuel S. Smith Award for excellence in law practice management awarded by the American Bar Association.

Surround Yourself with Good People

At a recent luncheon I attended, Princeton Women’s Basketball Coach, Courtney Banghart, was the guest speaker. The topic she spoke on was leadership.

Small Firms Can Become Great

In our consulting work with small law firms we have seen that the most financially (and otherwise) successful small firms share certain characteristics. Consider giving attention to any of the five characteristics described here which can lead the firm to better times.