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The Law Firm Workplace

How are law firms proceeding in this post-pandemic period?

Think About Mentoring as Investing in Your Firm

Think About Mentoring as Investing in Your Firm

Work Ethic

What does having a strong work ethic mean to you and your firm?

Does Your Firm Have a Rising Star?

How do you recognize a rising star- a lawyer with exceptional talents?

Giving up Control

Why is it important to give control to the next generation?

An Entrepreneur Never Stops Learning

Law firms owners as entrepreneurs have many opportunities to learn how to better run their law firm.

The Power of A Leader’s Communications

I have written before on the critical significance of communication in law firms and I continue to remind those who are running small law firms that more communication is always better, and no communication is never a good thing.

Is This the Time to Hire?

While Covid-19 and working remotely presents challenges to both employers and employees, many of our law firm clients are hiring.

The Law Has Always Been Essential Too

We are learning first-hand how law firms have been affected these past several months and about the pressing concerns for the months ahead.

A Time to Think about Leading

Remember that your leadership is in place every day and it’s in the small, ordinary ways that leaders will mainly be judged. In this strange time we are all navigating through, we will all learn important lessons. Perhaps, becoming aware of your own leadership skills will become one of those lessons and what you can do to lead like the best of them.
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