Consultants to Small and Mid-sized Law Firms

Arthur G. Greene Consulting, LLC is dedicated to providing personalized consulting services to small and mid-sized law firms to help our client's maximize the firm's potential and achieve their long range goals. Our services include:

Governance and Management

  • Partnership Agreements
  • Two Tier Partnerships
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Partner Compensation Plans
  • Associate Career Planning
  • Effective Practice Groups
  • Strategic Planning

Succession Planning

  • Retirements and Exit Plans
  • Transitions
  • Recruiting Successors
  • Of Counsel Agreements
  • Leadership Development


  • Planning and Facilitating Retreats
  • Long Range Planning Retreats
  • Focused Retreat Topics


  • Profitability Studies
  • Meaningful Financial Reports
  • Alternative Billing Methods
  • Business Development & Marketing Strategies
  • Billing Process and Collections

Law Firm Productivity

  • Accountability Issues
  • Effective Paralegal Utilization
  • Associate Training and Development
  • Work Flow Efficiencies
  • Staffing and Support Issues

Office Culture

  • Identifying and Improving Firm Culture
  • Improving Communications

With more than 35 years of experience as a practicing lawyer combined with 20 years experience providing business and management advice to lawyers, law firm consultant Arthur Greene is uniquely positioned to help you with your current problems and help you achieve a financially sound and healthy law firm.

Kathy Fortin applies over 30 years of law firm experience to counsel firms on management issues, with a focus on appropriate staffing, productivity in the delivery of services, lawyer transitions, and developing a strong and positive culture.

Law Firm Consultants Arthur G. Greene and Kathy Fortin


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